Green Council and voting at Shirley Warren.

Today Green Council had a very important job - to vote for one child in Key Stage 1 and one in Key Stage 2 who would be the Good Egg. Good Egg is an award which is presented by the governors to two children who have been consistently kind and helpful throughout the term.

Earlier in the week, every class noninated children they thought could be the Good Egg and then the class had a vote. Mrs Williams helped the KS1 children see what it was like to write on a voting slip, put it in the "ballot box" and take out votes and count them. We learnt lots of words to do with voting like "majority".

Parliament Week is a charity which supports schools to learn about the process of voting in a democracy and they sent us resources for Parliamt Week this year, which was in November. We were a bit late, but with the General Election yesterday it was a good time to learn about what happens.

Here we are after the voting.
The winners will be announced in the final assembly.