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  • 22/11/21

    World Nursery Rhyme Week 2021

    Find out what's been happening in EYFS here
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  • 19/11/21

    Music in Year 5

    Uke-can do it Year 5!
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  • 12/11/21

    Music in Year 4

    Year 4 are making a big noise in music!
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  • 19/11/20

    World Nursery Rhyme Week

    Children have been celebrating World Nursery Rhyme Week!
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  • 23/10/20

    Makaton Singing Assembly

    The whole school joined together for our first "singing" assembly of the year!
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  • 07/10/20

    KS2 Music

    Body Percussion in KS2
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  • 03/10/20

    Music Mark Award

    Shirley Warren Awarded for Music Education
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