Day 2

After another hearty breakfast, we headed to the woods to build our shelters. One tarpaulin and whatever else we could find in the woods created our den. Luckily, we were amazing shelter builders and nobody got wet! After this, we headed to the 'Amazon Rainforest' - our task was to deliver life-saving medicine, across treacherous terrain, to the villagers. A short play and another hearty meal was enjoyed by all before we made our way to the ponds. We discovered a huge array of wildlife living within the ponds including lesser boatman, greater boatman, dragonfly nymphs, mayfly nymphs and even some fish! We all had a lovely play on the adventure playground and then went to the indoor classrooms to learn all about owl pellets. Despite our initial revulsion (owl pellets are in fact a bit like a cat's fur ball), we all became very engrossed in the task of dissecting the pellet for bones. We discovered that the owl had been eating voles, mice, shrews and birds! After all this hard work, another hearty meal was eaten before we met the world famous wildlife photographer Dennis Bright who shared with us some of his wonderful pictures. I wonder what adventures we will have tomorrow!