Day 4

This morning, we woke up to glorious blue skies and after another fabulous Stubbington cooked breakfast we braved the cold of the morning. We soon warmed up as we were informed that there had been an earthquake in the night and Mr Scarborough needed our help to transport a phone, torch, ladder, blanket, first aid kit and emergency rations to those involved. We had to work as a team to transport the items across rickety bridges, over treacherous cliffs, through houses, under obstacles and even inside tunnels! Thankfully, we were successful in our mission. After a delicious cooked lunch it was off to our next challenge - to launch an egg into space. First, we had to take part in tricky challenges to earn our tokens. Then we had to decide what items to buy with our tokens. Finally, we launched our eggs - most of which were 'eggcellently successful!