At Shirley Warren Primary and Nursery School the safety of your children is our priority: E-Safety is obviously a big part of this. 

Every year we run an E-Safety week to promote the safe use of technology at both school and home.

This is a strategy with an easy-to-remember slogan to promote online safety to children and their parents. 

Lock It

This is about keeping personal information secure:

  • usernames and passwords (not telling anyone your password because they can see your files and could pretend to be you).
  • personal details (not giving out personal information to anyone online or typing it into online forms)..
Block It This is about blocking rude or nasty messages. It’s about blocking bad websites, not downloading anything you’re unsure about, and not clicking on any links or pictures you don’t know about.
Show It This is about showing an adult if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or is inappropriate. It also understands that you know there are some things you shouldn't be looking at. This could be a website, a picture, a message or a video.
Tell It This is about telling an adult if you feel you are being bullied or upset online. The point here is that cyberbullying is just the same as bullying in the real world - you shouldn’t have to put up with it and it can be stopped.

If you would like any further help in supporting your child to be safe on the Internet, then please click here.

For you  information, all staff at Shirley Warren also read and commit to the Shirley Warren ICT Acceptable Useage Policy.