2nd July 2020 Last few weeks, summer holidays and September You may well have heard that the new government guidance has been released today. This outlines the guidance for school to ensure that all children can return to school in September. We will work through this and keep you informed regarding the arrangements for all your children in September. Just to confirm the first day back for our children will be Monday 7th September. This week all our staff are working hard to plan times when the children can come into school during the last week of term to spend time with friends, see their new classroom and meet their new teacher, either in person or by zoom. We are sending out letters to share the details of the arrangements as soon as the plans are finished. Year 6 have received their party invites and we are really looking forward to seeing them before they leave us for their new schools. We are able to run our normal Sports Club for two weeks in the summer holidays. Sadly we can’t run the club for more than these two weeks as we have building work taking place. We are installing new Wi Fi and all our cast iron guttering and downpipes are being replaced. The school is sending out a google form to let us know if you are interested in a place. Our Sports Club has places for 15 children due to the current advice re ‘bubble’ size. We are sending a google form to all our parents for you to complete if you wish to have a place. If we are oversubscribed we will prioritise places for the children of critical care workers such as hospital and care home staff. If you need child care over the summer holidays Testlands Multisport Coaching are providing child care over the holidays. They are offering a discount for all critical care workers. This can be booked on their website, please click here. I want to thank you all for being so supportive whilst we face all these new challenges. You have all been so positive and we have felt very supported by our families. Best wishes Mrs Mann

Shirley Warren Primary & Nursery School strives to provide the best education for all our children from two years of age. Our wonderful and well-resourced environment helps us provide a fantastic start for our children both in their education and future lives.

We believe all children can achieve high standards though high quality teaching and a rich and exciting curriculum. We have a passion for providing a creative curriculum both during and after school. 

Alison Mann