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Shirley Warren Primary and Nursery School

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What is Floppy's Phonics?

Floppy's Phonics is a rigorous, systematic synthetic phonics programme that offers highly practical guidance and comprehensive multi-sensory resources to support teaching and learning in school and at home. 

Phonics and Reading

Phonics is a way of teaching children to read quickly and skilfully. Our children are taught how to recognise the sounds that individual letters make and identify the sounds that different combinations of letters make - such as /sh/ or /oo/.  They then "blend" these sounds together from left to right to make a word. 

Children can then use this knowledge to "decode" new words that they hear or see. This is the first important step in learning to read. Starting with the easiest sounds and progressing through to the most complex, is the most effective way of teaching young children to read. This is why all our reading books are phonetically decodable as this supports pupils to decode new words linked to their appropriate phonics sounds.  This will help your child in the future to develop the skills they need to tackle new words. They can then go on to read any kind of text fluently and confidently, and to read for enjoyment.