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What is the Thrive Approach and how does it help my child?

Thrive is an approach which supports children with their social and emotional skills. We aim to build confidence, self-esteem and resilience to everyday life.  We have adopted Thrive as a whole school approach. We have two dedicated Thrive practitioners - Miss Bedwell and Mrs Head.


 All adults in the school have received Thrive training which is focused on the use of P.A.C.E (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curious, Empathy) and VRF’s (Vital Relational Functions) for  de-escalation and as part of our day to day interactions.

 We have embedded the Thrive approach across the school’s curriculum, which means that as well as some children receiving group and 1:1 sessions all children  have a 1 hour Thrive lesson which is built into their class timetable each week.


During your child’s time at Shirley Warren, there are 5 strands that work through.  This helps develop confidence and skills to be secure at their correct right time learning strand.

  • Being - Feeling safe, being special & having needs met.
  • Doing - Exploring and experimenting, experiencing options & initiating and engaging & doing
  • Thinking - Expressing a view, learning about cause & effect and feeling, thinking and problem solving.
  • Power & Identity - Developing an identity, distinguishing fantasy from reality & exploring power with responsibility.
  • Skill & Structure - Motivation for developing skills, developing morals & values and understanding the need for rules.




We teach our children about the brain and some of its functions, using child friendly language. We find this helps them have a better understanding of why we feel and react in certain ways.

 Across our setting we use the phrase flipped the lid when a child is experiencing big emotions.




Next Steps


Shirley Warren Primary and Nursery school has been awarded and recognised as a Thrive Ambassador School with Excellence in Reparative and Right-time. 


To become an all round School of Excellence, we need to achieve 3 more awards. Our aim is for gold! 




Thrive Activities for Home



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